I see you’ve been working on a number of different things within blockchain. Could you please tell our readers about your most recent projects? 

We mine cryptocurrencies on a very large scale and subsequently gained a lot of knowledge and experience on how to launch a security token successfully.  We are in the process of launching a very exciting ICO called MOBU.  MOBU’s whitepaper has been audited by the best teams in the world including Luno Labs, Amazix (the number one ICO PR firm in the world), Cointelegraph, etc. We also partnered with some of the most well-known ICO advisors in the blockchain space.

Do you think those saying “blockchain is a passing fad” will look as silly as those people who doubted the future of the internet in the 1990s? Why/why not? 

We strongly believe that blockchain technology is here to stay although there is too much hype in this area of uncertainty currently.  Blockchain is used for information that needs to be exposed and cuts out middlemen. This leads to lower costs and higher profitability. The Scotsman’s fallacy is the best example of why cryptographic proof is needed.

What are the potential risks for investors? For example, I read that Zabercoin was recently the victim of a social media attack?  

MOBU will solve these risks and ensure investor confidence by offering unique escrow accounts, competitive ICO services pricing, and stronger standards of smart contracts, among other things.

How might South Africa hope to benefit from blockchain and companies like yours?  

Decentralisation lowers costs and allows cross-border funding.  It also decreases manipulation by financial institutions.

You are speaking at the Finnovation South Africa 2018 conference “Blockchain: Translating Hype to Reality” on the 6th June. Without revealing all, what message(s) might you deliver?  

That a simple idea of raising 50m USD is not sustainable but there is definite need for blockchain if implemented correctly.

Finally, why should investors invest in South Africa and its blockchain SMEs? 

Because this is a new area of development just like social media was 10 odd years ago and we all saw the growth potential of that.  Currently blockchain may be disruptive technology but it will last and only be improved and accepted from here.

Find out more about Finnovation South Africa 2018: “Blockchain: Translating Hype to Reality” here: http://www.finnovationworld.com/southafrica