Please describe Glints to our readers.

Glints is the #1 recruitment platform in Asia for companies to build successful teams with young talent. Our mission is to help companies through our algorithm and platform, and to build brand awareness through engagement and outreach. Till date, we’ve touched over 300,000 young talent who are looking for career opportunities, provided by over 8,000 companies. Feel free to visit the platform at

Glints focuses on youth prospects. Why was it important for you to help young people?

We started this youth career platform because we were scratching our own itch of getting started in our careers, as youths ourselves. Higher education does a poor job of preparing us with the right skills for the workforce. There is also no good youth career platform out there that helps with this career discovery and skills development process and we believe we can make a real impact on the careers of millions of youths.

It is this belief that drove us to drop out of our colleges at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Wharton Business School after one semester to focus on the startup.

What’s the difference between Glints and other job-searching platforms?

Glints is not a job portal, nor is it a social network.

Job portals are for job search and application. They are transactional platforms. You apply for as many jobs as possible, then get off it and keep your fingers crossed, hoping you will hear back (Often, you don’t). But young people often don’t even know what jobs to go for, or don’t have the right skills to qualify for the jobs they want.

LinkedIn is for professional networking and profiling. You list your experiences and skills on your profile, then connect with other professionals online to build your network. Great idea, but it’s really built more for middle and senior level professionals who already have experiences to display, and networks to connect with. Which is why the LinkedIn profiles of most fresh grads all look about the same – empty.

Glints on the other hand, is for career discovery and development. We help users discover different careers to explore where they want to be for their career, understand what skills they need to get there, and how they can get there through the right opportunities and resources such as projects, internships, externships and courses.

I notice that your board is also made up of young people. What was it like starting a company at a young age? What challenges were there?

We feel really lucky that we have been given the opportunity to start so young. Due to our young age, many successful entrepreneurs and investors have been extremely generous in mentoring us. Without them, we definitely wouldn’t have come so far and for that we are truly grateful.

While being young does have its downside in terms of credibility while dealing with new partners, we hope to make that up with passion and professionalism.

I see that you’re currently expanding into Indonesia. How is this going? What are the differences between doing business in Indonesia and Singapore?

The difference hasn’t been significant. In a market like Singapore, there’s much higher demand for companies than the supply of talent, so the demand side of the marketplace managed to get organic traction much faster.

In Indonesia, because of the extremely large population, there’s much higher supply of talent (if we go just by the quantity and not quality), so the supply side has been easier to grow.

Finally, what’s the future of Glints?

Our vision is to build the #1 career platform for young professionals of the world. Eventually, anyone who is just starting out in their career and any organisation that wants to hire the right young talent will be on Glints! So far there’s already over 200,000 lives we have touched, but we are just getting started.

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