Could you please comment on the YouTube Google’s Titan Key and how do you think could be improved?


As safety and security are everything in the online processing world, we agree with Google that a hardware solution is much better than software passwords to provide complete protections from security concerns. While Google’s Titan Key is on the right track in addressing security challenges by using chip technology for ID authentication, it still is not 100% safe in the wireless transmission environment. It could still be vulnerable to hacking, viruses, misleading computer programs or “Trojan Horses”, phishing, pharming or ransomware, just to name a few.


We believe that the Titan Key could be improved if it is designed and modified with two ports one that uses a USB interface linking to a Personal Computer, Notebook, or Smart TV, and the other one that uses a Micro USB/Type C connection to mobile phones, tablets or VR. With the Software Development Kit (SDK), an “improved” Titan Key could be a cross-platform, cross-operating system available for devices running on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android operating systems. It also won’t be limited by the constraints of many telecom service providers.


In addition to this, we believe that the ideal type of dual-port device with chips should achieve three things: personalized, effective ID verification, and efficient in its transaction with “Session” encrypted protection. By doing so, mobile transactions would be so much more secure. Other functions like mobile payments and medical services could also be integrated into this seamless ecosystem.


For all these reasons, our company ECom has developed a “Master Key” product that incorporates all these functions with our invention patents. Together, we can succeed and work seamlessly with Google’s Titan Key.



  • User Identity Verification (UIV) is essential for online processing because trusted transaction authentication is a must in commerce. Could you elaborate on this?



I would like to echo Kirk Yang, ECom’s chief senior advisor, former top-ranked Wall Street technology analyst and managing director at Citi and Barclays, in saying that in the worldwide wireless environments, online UIV could make identity authentication, personal data protection and access control security a reality, and should be compatible on various electronic devices to perform transactions like mobile payment.


Any useful payment methodology needs patents and legal compliance, as intellectual property rights play a crucial role. This is why ECom’s Master Key gives you a crucial advantage in the online secure transaction world, as it is consistent with Google’s Titan Key hardware solution.



  • Could you describe your Master Key design? What makes it unique in offering online security and protection?



Our Master Key is created to be user-friendly while offering complete security protection. This is achieved by using two chips inside, one for ID authentication, and the other for security protection. This personalized key is also one-of-a-kind. By using it, all transactions are well-protected and safe from being falsified or copied.


Our Master Key has a large capacity for personal data storage, and is accessible only to its owners. It identifies a person’s true identity with high security, allowing the user to perform secure transactions anytime and anywhere. All your personal data such as IDs, digital photos and videos, banking transactions, medical records, prescriptions, tickets, etc. are confidentially stored with different passwords and access control. Unauthorized access and leakage is impossible, your privacy is completely protected by the Master Key. This is truly “mobile service at your fingertips”.