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The report

The report

Thailand: Knowledge as the Path to Growth

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” These are words familiar to many a Thai, words from the Buddha himself and equally applicable to Thailand’s drive to break free of the ‘middle income trap’. Thailand 4.0 is the…

The report

Bahrain: Expanding into the future

In being among the first of the Gulf states to discover oil and build a refinery, Bahrain established a precedent for shrewdness that it has continued to exhibit. The island’s oil production never climbed to the heights that its neighbors’…

The report

Oman: The Gateway to the Gulf

Over-reliance on oil production has left the countries of the Arabian Peninsula vulnerable to declines in the price of oil. A swift decline last year led to stagnation in almost all Gulf economies. The notable exception: Oman. Since 1970, the year…