How would you define your leadership style?
I believe in diversity and brainstorming that can inspire. I like people to discuss and freely express their opinions. At the end of the day execution is very important: we decide on something and then we execute and achieve it. It is very important to have a vision, but also the technology and people in order to be able to execute that vision.

What are those milestones or achievements that you feel most proud of?
Each part of our journey has been exciting: starting with motherboards, then with semiconductors, later bringing in system integration and branding. The most exciting thing is when you create a vision and make it happen with others and through innovation and technology.

What do you personally expect of all these new technologies like AI and VR and how do you see all these furthering, changing our lives?

I can see technology bringing people closer together. I hope one day I can solve the communication gap for people in order to bring them together. We want technology to be for the good of community. Artificial Intelligence can do a lot of stuff to help people. AI now helps the elderly with a lot of tasks which makes their lives easier. It is very exciting that technology can bring people these benefits.

Could you share with us some of the latest or the future projects that you have in the pipeline with key collaborators?
Google has always been a very good partner; we have a strong relationship with them. We also have a lot of different partners like Intel. We even have competitors such as Sony and PlayStation in areas such as Virtual Reality from whom we actually buy products. Collaboration really drives innovation and the creation of new things which I think is important.

How important are academia-industry links?
They are very important. I think research and development is where innovation starts. The universities are always the major pillars of research and development, which is always key for innovation. Stanford and Berkeley have really contributed to the industry along with Cal Tech, so it is very important. I believe Taiwan should invest much more in its universities and research development funding

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs in Taiwan?
It is important to learn different things and to be open to new ideas. Even small inventions can make a difference to your environment and for us as human beings. Entrepreneurship is thinking on a daily basis about how can I improve my environment and influence the people around me. I firmly believe that diversity of people and cultures within a company is also vital.