What are the competitive advantages of South Africa as a destination for business and investment, especially compared to the rest of African countries?

South Africa is a developing country. There is significant growth in the country over numerous sectors, especially within information and cyber security. We give investors confidence that their assets and investments are securely looked after and protected against cyber threats. We give investors assurance that they can put their money safely in the country and boost South Africa’s economy.

How do you see the future of the South African ICT sector and its role in the development of the economy?

The ICT sector in South Africa is one of the key pillars driving the country forwards. Within ICT there is the constant threat of cyber-attacks and a lack of skilled people to provide defences against such attacks. There is a massive skills shortage when it comes to specialist professional services in the information security and cyber security environment. NEWORDER contributes by providing skilled and specialised cyber security training courses through our Training Academy.

What is the relevance of cyber security auditing in South Africa and what are the economic implications for businesses?

As with any global business, regardless of size, they cannot afford a cyber incident. Most companies nowadays are technology-driven and the need for cyber security auditing has become compulsory. South African businesses see the need for cyber security auditing as a grudge purchase, as these kinds of evaluations can be expensive, but this is not just a South African mind-set; it’s global.

“…Everyone is looking towards the political direction the country is going to take with the new government…”

Currently, South Africa ranks within the top 3 countries most vulnerable to cyber crime. Because of the skill shortage in mitigating ICT risks, this affects most businesses and even the government. In the corporate environment, top listed companies are being compromised and they only find out long after the fact that their data has been stolen, their business crippled and their client information leaked.

How has NEWORDER progressed since inception in 2010?

The NEWORDER brand has grown into a group of companies, providing specialist professional services supported by unique technology sets. We have built the NEWORDER brand based on the fact that we understand how the cyber criminal mind functions. As the technology landscape transforms from physical devices to cloud, so do cybercriminals adopt their attack methodologies.
Our core focus and primary objective is the addition of value, not only to the customer but to the country, to strengthen our cyber defences.

What is your relationship with the European Union and the USA?

NEWORDER has established a strategic relationship with US-based company PWNIE EXPRESS to be their South African partner. PWN Pulse is the only solution currently available to identify device threat vectors on wired, wireless and Bluetooth technology, and to provide a near real-time overview of the current risk and vulnerability within any business environment.
These devices are in the hands of the employee connecting to your network with an unsecured personal laptop, a contractor plugging an unauthorised wireless access point into your network, and the malicious actor who placed a rogue device in a remote site to gain access to your customer data.

What are your plans of expansion outside South Africa?

We provide our professional services across borders from time to time but because of the skill shortage and the opportunity in South Africa, we rather stay focused within South Africa. We are proud South African company; the core business is to stay here.

Where would you like to see NEWORDER in 2 years?

We want to be seen as the information and cyber security leaders within South Africa. We will be expanding on our core service competencies and professional services in unique areas and the cyber threat landscape changes.